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Potato broken...?


I have used Poatato on a lot of different machines for a long time now (app. 7
months.) and I have never hard a harder time than now. After fighting with
kernel 2.3.40 on potato with a lot of OpenGL stuff included I decided it was to
unstable (reboot every 3 hours or so) and wanted to reinstall me machine using
the 'good old' 2.2.14 kernel and potato. Last night I decided to reboot with
current debian-installation disks for i386 and get the rest from the net. Well
everything ran smoothly until I rebooted. Just before I get a prompt Init
reports that it's respawning to fast... I switch to getty-2 and do a 
check on what is running. Nothing of importence. I check inittab and see
something like this: '1:2345:respawn:/bin/sh /root/.bash_profile...' which I
uncomment and add '1:2345:respawn:/sbin/getty 38400 tty1' which works. 
Because I didn't start Debian the normal way nothing is really configured nd I
have to do the stuff myself 8-0
I run dselect do get what I need but something breaks on the way and I don't
get bin86 and other importent things. I rerun dselect and get the missing
stuff (I thought). Somehow Perl seemes to break a lot of dependencies and I
end up with a half installed Gnome and missing X-libs...
I fix most of it and compile a new kernel with support for SMP and get X
running. I create my default useraccount and get my home-dir via nfs only to
find out that my fonts are twisted, xscreensaver cannot be installed without
deinstalling half of the Gnome-stuff. I believe it's Perl thats busting it up
again but I'm not sure. 

So my conclusion from this experience: Unless the chosen ones (developers)
work really hard on potato it's not going to be out as stable soon. To be
honest: This was my worst experience with Debian and it seems like it's not
over because I'll have to compile a lot of packeges on my own to fix the

I still look forward to stable and will still continue to use Debian for a
long time but some of my confidence in the chosen ones have been lost.
Sven Esbjerg

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