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Re: partition table lost [and found]

On Tue, 1 Feb 2000, Dean Struss wrote:

> Brian Butler wrote:
> > Now, we need advice on the best way to get this found partition information
> > into the table on the disk.  Is it even slightly smart to just fire up fdisk
> > or cfdisk and go to town?

If you know exactly what the partition information was, then Linux fdisk
should do the trick.  If you're concerned about losing data, just mount
the partitions read-only when you want to try and see if you got it right.
You'll need to know not only what size the partitions were, but also what
cylinders they began and ended on and, if any of them are extended
partitions, you'll need the same information for the partitions contained

Do not use DOS fdisk.  I wouldn't use cfdisk either - though, I don't use
cfdisk in general.  :}

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