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Re: Debian instructions contradictory?

> Below is a quote copied directly from the Debian web page FAQ for 
> downloading CD images located at http://cdimage.debian.org/faq.html:
> >-?- But what CDs do I need? 
> >-!- If you want to install Debian, you should get only the "Binary-1" 
> >CD for your platform (e.g. "i386" for IBM-compatible PCs). The other 
> >"Binary-X" CDs (X>=2) contain very specialistic software that is used only 
> >by very few people -- these are not needed at all for fresh installs. 
> >

You do not NEED the cd to install Debian.  The first cd has all of the 
packages you need in order to get a system running.  The "specialistic" (I'm 
not sure why this word is used.) software mentioned is not actually needed to 
do the install.  It is very likely that most people only install one or two 
packages from the second disk.  The cd images are very large, so only the MAIN 
distribution is included on any cd set.  Also this is why it is reccomended 
that you only download the first cd.  You can install any other packages you 
need using apt-get or using apt with deselect.  Using the apt access method, 
finish your install with dselect.  If this is your first time installing 
Linux, it is likely that you are selecting many packages that you will never 
use.  Don't worry about this, as you will be better at installing next time 

> AND, if the web page is correct, that you only need the one CD, then why 
> do the same Debian people tell you that installing from a single CD is 
> passe', and you should install from the multiple set.


Everyone has an opinion.  As Debian is developed, organised, and debuged by a 
large group of volunteers.  As you can imagine it is an incredible amount of 
work for someone to do in their spare time, no matter how skilled they may be. 
 Sometimes documentation becomes out of date, or must be written in a hurry.  
Some areas of the website are partially incomplete or slightly out of date.  
they remain this way until someone involved with Debian (me, you, a developer, 
or just about anyone else who may care) decides to do something about it.  
Debian people are notorious for being individualistic and self reliant.  They 
do work on Debian for no other reason than they feel that it is the right 
thing to do.  The help you are recieving on this list is given to you for 
free, and voluntarily by people who are under no obligation to give you the 
time of day (unless they maintain a time server at work).  ALMOST NO ONE IS 
and to help, other users.


> This just makes no sense at all, and I would be very grateful to anyone 
> who can explain it.

I hope I just did.


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