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Re: Why no package seems to take care of the new /dev/console device?

>>>>> "Shaul" == Shaul Karl <shaulk@israsrv.net.il> writes:

    Shaul> Is it simply a matter of rm slink /dev/console and MAKEDEV
    Shaul> the new /dev/console and that is all? What will be the
    Shaul> consequences of doing these rm and MAKEDEDV on a running
    Shaul> system?

 That's what I did.  There's code in MAKEDEV that tests the running
 kernel version, and does the right thing based on that.  I don't
 think you have to rm the old one first; just run `MAKEDEV console'.

 Actually, on a formerly `slink' system upgraded to kernel 2.2.x, I
 think you should run `MAKEDEV generic' once.  There are probably
 other devices it needs to update.

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