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Re: Debian 2.0 tetex not OK

>>>>> "Suresh" == Suresh Kumar R <cetvm@vsnl.com> writes:

    Suresh> Hi, I installed debian 2.0 successfully with tetex. When I
    Suresh> compile a package with seminar package used, it says
    Suresh> seminar.cls not found. But I have installed the tetex-src
    Suresh> package and seminar.cls is there in the system.

Do you realize 2.0 is rather old?

ie Debian 2.1 has been out for approx 1 year and Debian 2.2 is expected
to be out in several months (so I have heard).

Elsewhere, I read it is best to upgrade to 2.1 before 2.2, so I would
recommend you upgrade to 2.1 for now.

As for you problem, I had exactly the same problem. seminar.cls is
non-free, and included in tetex-nonfree. The fact that seminar.cls was
included in the source code package was a bug that the maintainer said
he was going to fix (I never have checked).

Arrghhh. I like the concept behind LaTeX (eg non-graphical editing of
documents, good mathematics support), but *hate* the implementation.
Its ok for the basic style, but as soon as you want to do anything
different you run into problems with non-free implementations or
hacked solutions that conflict with each other.
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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