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Re: help with dselect (on m68k)

On Fri, 28 Jan 2000, David said:
> OK, I've figured out (at least partially) what is going on. dselect is 
> working just fine and so is everything else, except the actual CD. I gave 
> up on dselect and rebooted, then mounted the debian CD and discovered 
> that my system sees all the folders on it as just plain text files. 
> That's why it can't find the directories when I direct it to them.
> This is probably my fault, though I'm not exactly sure why. I downloaded 
> the cd image from the debian ftp site and made a CD. I was sure to make 
> it 9660 format and can see all the files and folders on it with my Mac, I 
> just can't get to them with the Linux box.
> Has anyone made a CD for 68K Mac from this image before? Is so, what is 
> the secret. I tried making another disk at only 2x speed and that didn't 
> work either. I know I have a complete valid CD image, I just can't copy 
> it.
What command did you use to make the cd?  You need to use a byte for byte 
duplicator in order to make the cd from the image. Did you use Linux to make 
the cd with dd if=[/file/cd/image] of=[/device/name/of/cdwriter] or did you 
use a mac utility?  A byte for byte duplicator will put the filesystem on the 
cd for you as it is contained in the image.


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