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Re: Lilo & hdb

I was successfully able to use the map-drive line in my lilo.conf to boot
from hdb1 by remapping BIOS accesses to the disk. I however used the exact
same hex values you did even though I'm booting windows from hdb1 not
hdc1. I was under the impression (assumption) that the hex values would
increment according to physical disk (ie hdc == 0x82). If the below
entries work for you, my assumption must be wrong. I have not been able to
find reference to the assosciation between hex values and physical disks.

Can anyone explain why my assumption is wrong?


On Thu, 27 Jan 2000, Tom Allard wrote:

> > Like most of you, I like playing with opeating systems. I am having
> > difficulty using lilo to boot Win2K from hdb. Here's my lilo.conf file.
> The trouble is that Windows wants to boot from "C:", not "D:".  You can use 
> lilo to remap the BIOS and fool it.  My Windows drive is on hdc (hdb is my 
> cdrom).  Here's the relevant part of my lilo.conf:
> # Windows 98 on hdc
> other=/dev/hdc1
>     map-drive = 0x80
>         to = 0x81
>     map-drive = 0x81
>         to = 0x80
>     table=/dev/hdc
>     label=Win98
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