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Re: Pathetic Performance

after using afterstep for so long twm just feels bland..id use it if i
needed it(was low on memory) but if i had a choice..ack! i cant see my
self using it cept in last resort..i havent used it much so im sure i
havent gotten to appreciate it's benefits(if it has any other then memory
conservation :) )  i find it hard to live without afterstep's
desktop/window management though. nothing else i've tried
(gnome/E/kde/windowmaker to some extent) compares..


On Thu, 27 Jan 2000, Hans wrote:

hansfo >>and i'd suggest going to fvwm (or even twm *shiver*) to reduce memory
hansfo >>usage even further.
hansfo >
hansfo >Why would you shiver over twm. I dumped all my wm's and now run twm
hansfo >exclusively and I'm happier than ever :^)  -- Hans
hansfo >
hansfo >
hansfo >-- 
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hansfo >

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