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Re: Primary and Secondary DNS one 1 server...

On 27 Jan 2000, Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:

miquel >That means that 50% of the people trying to reach one of those
miquel >sites saw an initial timeout of one minute when trying to resolve
miquel >a host in one of those domains when they tried to talk to the
miquel >non-existant name server.

i never had 1 DNS problem..and never had a single report of any.

miquel >If the secondary server is only secondary for your own primary
miquel >server and no external domains, there is no need to run 2 instances
miquel >off named. You can just run one that responds to queries for both
miquel >primary and secondary, since that distinction (prim or sec) doesn't
miquel >matter to clients anyway

i did have a second dNS but it was not configured as secondary so maybe
thats why it worked fine. no zone transfers ever took place until recently
though.  that and the fact also s if the primary dNS went down chances are
99% of the rest of the services would be down too so it wouldnt do
anything :/(web,ftp,mail,radius,etc ..)


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