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Re: Pathetic Performance

>The 486-33 (Carol) has 42mb ram and I was wrong about
>the 486-
>100 (Alice) machine it's only got 20mb of ram. Alice
>has a Cirrus 
>Logic GD54xx series PCI card with 1mb ram. Both
>systems use 
>the svga xserver. As far as swap space Carol has a
>swap partition 
>but Alice has a swap file on the single partition,
>Corel didn't ask at 
>install. Top tells me I'm 26M into Alice's swap file
>as I write this.
>As for the desktop I'm running WindowMaker without
>Gnome on 
>Alice and the 33Mhz Carol runs FVWM2.

Did you upgrade the -100 system to the faster cpu, or
did it come that way?  I once had a 486dx-33 which I
upgraded to a dx100 and  (this was in the windows
days) norton showed NO increase in speed.  I CAREFULLY
went into the bios and changed the cache settings to
use fewer cycles.  VIOLA! I was now getting full speed
from the cpu.  You might look at the bogo mips ouptput
and compare to what similar 486dx100's get (see the
bogomips howto).  The bogo mips rating is generally
useless, but it CAN sometimes show a cpu not firing on
all cylinders.  (I caught a 486 with the turbo switch
in the wrong setting that way.  Then again if LILO is
slow it means the same thing.)

And yes I agree with the comments on memory.  Look at
/proc/meminfo when the system is loaded and see how
much of your memory and swap space are being used.  If
swap is maxing out, you DO have a problem.

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