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Boot of a windows rescue disk and make sure the
partition of your C: is marked bootable and that
the partition is still there.  I formatted a windows
drive once along time ago and it removed the partitioning
info.  Was really weird.


Thus spake NETO KWADJO (pegaseus_gh@yahoo.com):

> Hello there!
>   I own an AST ADVANTAGE! pc. It worked perfectly
> until I formatted the hard disk(c:\).I typed "FORMAT
> C:\" at the C:\ prompt in a desperate attempt to free
> disk space and reinstall windows.
>   But I noticed that when I restarted my pc,It asked
> for a "system disk". After I inserted it and got
> access to the A:\ prompt,I tried changing to drive C:
> but it keeps on giving me a message like "invalid
> drive specification".
>   Now it seems I have completely wiped out my hard
> drive.
> Please help.
> <pegaseus_gh@yahoo.com>
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