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Re: Pathetic Performance

--- Bill Keegan <billk@umpire.dhs.org> wrote:
> I'm running Corel/Debian v1.0 on a AMD 486-100. 24mb ram,

This is very little RAM.

> >1G hd, networked with three other PCs. This workstation is 5X slower then
> 486-33 running RH 5.0 acting as a gateway, Samba server, mail, etc.

How much does this one have?

> On the 486-100 every service not needed has been pulled from bootup,
> Apache, Qmail, etc. Using windowmanager with Netscape 4.7 is painful and
> literally 5 times slower in creating a new browser window or displaying
> a new page the the 486-33.

What gfx cards do they have? Do you use an accelerated X server on both? A
very important factor for system performance is also HD speed, swap space,

> I will begin by rebuilding the kernel with i486 optimization but I find
> it hard to believe that Pentium optimization could slow it down this
> much. Again any other ideas?

Don't bother. The kernels you're using are probably not especially optimized
for anything above an 386. It really shouldn't matter that much.


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