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Re: Playing audio CDs question

On 23/1/2000 David J. Kanter wrote:

Just to be sure I did this the correct Debian way: to let myself play audio
CDs, I added myself to the disk group.

I can play CDs now, so everything works. But again I want to do this right.

ack! NO!!

now your user can write to ALL disks even your ext2 filesystems, any nasty program you might accidently run can destroy everything on your disks! your as good as root when you have gid disk.

the proper way to identify your cdrom device and do a chgrp cdrom on it, then add yourself to group cdrom instead.

if its a ATAPI cdrom (probably) and its master on the secondary IDE its /dev/hdc if its slave on primary its /dev/hdb..

some cdrom devices already have the group set to cdrom, but not the IDE ones since they could be a disk or a cdrom..

Ethan Benson
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