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Emacs and ~/.Xdefaults

I've decided that I like my emacs to have nice green letters on dark
background.  To this end, I looked in the emacs manual and created a
file ~/.Xdefaults with the following incantations:

emacs.background: Black
emacs.foreground: LimeGreen

However this seems to have no effect.  I got a tip from somewhere, and

xrdb -merge ~/.Xdefaults

to my ~/.xsession.  However this only has an effect if I start emacs
from the xterm started in my .xsession; if I launch emacs from the
fvwm2 menus it does not work.

What should I do?

Big Gaute (not to be confused with LG)
"There was a time when a guy who died at forty was revered as the toughest
and most doggedly ancient son of a bitch in Cow Ass Clearing, Shitoleshire,
Engalond, back in the year dot." - Spider Jerusalem, Transmetropolitan #25

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