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Re: Is potatoe's exim 3.12-1 OK?


Wouter Hanegraaff wrote:
> I had similar problems when I didn't use an smtp while sending mail to
> certain adresses, only I use postfix. My error was:
> (conversation with columbo.hvu.nl[] timed out while sending
> end of data -- message may be sent more than once)
> However, this turned out to be a router problem, not a Postfix
> If you have this problem, you can't solve it yourself because it's
> caused by some router fragmenting packets it should not fragment.

Thanks for the info. I think you are correct as my ISP was out of action
for 1 day - they possibly changed something around. I have also noticed
a drop in ftp speed - 3.3k to 2.3k. Also, I bypass thier mta and use the 
main unsw one where my mail account is (access permissions are ok
Obviously I will have to change this until the problem is fixed.

The exim smpt transfer agent does seem to transfer mail to a second
box I have running exim so I guess exim's smtp tranfer is OK.


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