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Re: Staying with Woody

On Mon, Jan 17, 2000 at 08:46:19PM -0500, Todd Suess wrote:
> What changes will I have to make to my sources.list file in order to continue
> following the new unstable, since unstable right now seems to not work on most
> mirrors if I use unstable, do I need to wait a while then change all my
> unstables to woody, or just wait until the unstable mirrors get sorted out?  I
> like living on the bleeding edge of technology.   grin.

i've been using http.us.debian.org, and i didn't notice any trouble
transitioning from potato to woody (because i didn't notice until a few
days after it happened ;)

i did add "frozen" lines to my sources.list, just in case. Just in case
what i don't know, but just in case...

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