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Re: Logging out of X Windows

that works..

i suggest you do not use X if you need to exit out of it often though. you
don't have to exit X to reboot(if thats what you want to do)

if you are not logging into X windows as root, launch an x term (so you
get a command prompt)

then type: su
enter the root password when prompted
then type: shutdown -h now

if you want to shutdown the *whole* system

shutdown -r now

if you want to reboot, you can also use the command 'reboot'

if you want to prevent X from bstarting when the machine boots up, you can
delete the file /etc/rc2.d/S99xdm then you will boot into the text
console, and you can use the 'startx' command to start 'X', without the
display manager(xdm)


On Thu, 6 Jan 2000, Cameron Matheson wrote:

mathes >Hey,
mathes >
mathes >I am sorry for asking so many questions, but I am only fifteen, so I don't
mathes >have any sort of large income to spend on books.
mathes >
mathes >I was just wondering if I am logging out of X Windows correctly.  When I am
mathes >at the log-in screen, I am pressing Ctrl+Alt+Backspace, and then
mathes >Ctrl+Alt+Delete.  This cleanly unmounts everything, but I was wondering if
mathes >their was an easier way.
mathes >
mathes >Thanks again,
mathes >
mathes >Cameron Matheson
mathes >
mathes >
mathes >-- 
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mathes >

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