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Re: URL of package's website

*- On  6 Jan, Peter S Galbraith wrote about "Re: URL of package's website "
> "Bart Szyszka" wrote:
>> If there's a better place to suggest this, let me know, 
> debian-devel, or perhaps even debian-policy.
>>                                                         but something I think
>> the Debian package site is missing is a spot for each of the package's own
>> websites.
> I agree this would be nice, as well as upstream author.
> What I do as a maintainer is put that info in the copyright file
> along with the `It was downloaded from ftp://' info; e.g the
> xtide package: http://cgi.debian.org/cgi-bin/get-copyright?package=xtide
> You can always try that since you can access the copyright file
> from the Debian web page for the package.  It it's not listed,
> sometimes you can guess the URL from the ftp download site.

If I am not mistaken, a thread of this topic was discussed not to long
ago on either debian-devel or debian-policy.  I think the thread was
discussing a uniform layout of the README.Debian file or the copyright
file to include this info.  I think it was even suggested to place the
info in the package control file. 

I agree that it would be nice to have a link on the Debian Packages page
to the upstream source to facilitate finding out more about the package
if desired.

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