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Re: console and screen blanking

APM is buggy at times, you can compile a new kernel and disable APM and
also turn off APM in the bios.  i stopped trusting APM when i lost 3
drives due to spin down and several crashes(in many different OSs) due tot
he machine not being able to wakeup after going to sleep.


On Thu, 6 Jan 2000, Lance Hoffmeyer wrote:

lanceh >
lanceh >How do I shut off the screen blanking in a console?  Screen blanking used to 
lanceh >work fine but I installed a new motherboard (Can't remember brand (SOYO?) 
lanceh >but now when the screen blanks and stays blanked over night it locks up my 
lanceh >computer and I have to turn the power off and reboot.  I want to turn the
lanceh >screen blanking off and see if this keeps the computer from locking up
lanceh >or whether the problem lies somewhere else.
lanceh >
lanceh >Lance
lanceh >
lanceh >
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