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URL of package's website


If there's a better place to suggest this, let me know, but something I think
the Debian package site is missing is a spot for each of the package's own
websites. There are very few that actually mention the URL, so I'm always
going to search engines and hunting down a program's website to get more
information on it (which I seem to be doing very often, actually, since the
program descriptions aren't usually very sufficient).

Case in point is everybuddy. I notice a mention of that package in the latest
Debian newsletter, so I follow the link to its entry at Debian's package site:

It's description tells me it does ICQ, AIM, and Yahoo. Great! Now what
does it look like? Does it integrate into KDE or Gnome or anything? Those
questions would have been very easily answered if an URL of the program's
site was mentioned.

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