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Re: problem with symlinks

On Tue, 4 Jan 2000, Ethan Benson wrote:

 : On 4/1/2000 Sylwester Zelazko wrote:
 : >	While moving /usr partition to other location i copied links as files.
 : >Now most of programs and libraries in /usr/lib aren't symlinks. Is't other way
 : >to recreate them except installing again ?
 : this is why its better to use tar instead of cp but cp -a might do 
 : the copy correctly. another option is cpio, but I am not quite used 
 : to using that utility yet.
 : (cd / ; tar -cvpf - usr) | (cd dest ; tar -xvpf -)

cpio is easy to use once you get used to its twisted ways of thinking :)

  find /usr | cpio -padm /target 

Mount the target partition on "/target" (/mnt is a good choice)

use `find -xdev' if you want to confine find to one partition e.g `find
/ -xdev' will only find files on the root partition and won't enter
mounted partitions ...


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