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Re: Xircom RealPort Ethernet/Modem on Debian

I have it working (sort of) with slink on a no brand laptop. It took me a
while to configure it. The problem is I cannot use the ethernet and the
modem at the same time.

E-mail what you do and where it fails so we can give you more concise

*QUESTION*: Everybody using a Xircom Ethernet/Modem that works OK is also
using VESA framebufer in the kernel? I sopose you guys have SHARED IRQ for
serial device turned ON... don't you? I read in Kernel Traffic that VESA
framebuffer support in the kernel makes interrupt handling a little
sluggish. This means that some interrupts may ve lost and as I have to use
VESA framebuffer, I lose some interrupts (as reflected on syslog) AND my
Xircom card does not work to full exttent I thougt it may have to do with
VESA framebuffer support.

Anyway... Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!


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>Asunto: Xircom RealPort Ethernet/Modem on Debian
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> Hi everybody,
>  Has anyone got these new Xircom RealPort Ethernet 10/100+Modem 56
> PCMCIA cards to run on Debian?  If anybody has any ideas, I would be most
> appreciative.
> Thanks,
> Bryan Walton
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