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Re: Navigator on slink

Brian Schramm wrote:
> I have downloaded the netscape communicator 4.7 and would like to know how
> I can install it by writing over the files that are there for 4.0.  Ether
> that or have a deb package that will install it (prefered method).  I need
> to do this today so can anyone help me out please?

As this seems to be urgent I'm cc-ing to your personal account.
The package "netscape4" expects a file like
"communicator-v47-export.x86-unknown-linuxglibc2.0.tar.gz" in /tmp an
will install it when you install the package. If you installed your
communicator manually before you should delete all the old files
manually otherwise you should just remove the "netscape4" package and
install it again with the right communicator archive in /tmp.
The user specific data should not be affected.

Hope it helps ...

- Konrad Mierendorff

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