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apt-move problem:

when I use apt-move localupdate I have the following problem:

# apt-move localupdate

Updating from local Packages files...
Getting: unstable main Packages.gz
Building: unstable main override.gz
Getting: unstable contrib Packages.gz
Building: unstable contrib override.gz
Getting: unstable non-free Packages.gz
Building: unstable non-free override.gz

Creating Lists...
Error: makelist: No master ls file exists!

and with strace:

stat("/usr/mirrors/debian/.apt-move/LS", 0xbfffdf3c) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)
write(1, "Error: makelist: No master ls fi"..., 43Error: makelist: No master ls file exists! ) = 43

why LS is not created?
(/usr/mirrors/debian/.apt-move exists)



Paolo Pedaletti, Como, ITALYa
paolo . pedaletti @ flashnet . it

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