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masqmail & mserver


I have mserver and masqmail running on different hosts. I think masqmail's
doc is not clear enough in explaining what to be done if the
"online_detect" becomes true (connection established).

I have the following in /etc/masqmail.conf

# online detection:
# for 'mserver' uncomment next 2 lines and optionally change
online_detect = mserver
mserver_iface = "bdg:224"

unfortunately, when the connection is up, masqmail doesn't flush the
queue; I run it by: masqmail -bd -q1 -qo LightNet
I'm not sure whether "-qo" option can be done in the background (ie:
masqmail does it in the background). With the command, I'd like to flush
the spool to LightNet connection every one minute when the connection is
up. How should this be accomplished? I have mserver running correctly at
port 224.

Thanks in advance,

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