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Re: Debian Slink/Potato w/SMP

also, i forgot to mention that because of the smaller case the airflow is
QUITE swift, with ~75CFM worht of fans in the back and 35CFM fan in the


On Wed, 22 Dec 1999, Steve Lamb wrote:

morphe >Wednesday, December 22, 1999, 1:34:26 PM, aphro wrote:
morphe >> and take a look at my case..
morphe >
morphe >> http://www.firetrail.com/~aphro/camera/inside-the-beast.jpg
morphe >> http://www.firetrail.com/~aphro/camera/the-outside.jpg
morphe >
morphe >    Well, no offense, but did you really expect decent cooling in that small
morphe >of a case?
morphe >
morphe >    If not the BP6, then what would people recommend?
morphe >
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