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Re: cannot open '/dev/lp0' - 'No such device'

*- On 20 Dec, David Densmore wrote about "Re: cannot open '/dev/lp0' - 'No such device'"
> nate@firetrail.com wrote:
>>always the best way to test a printer first, is to bypass any/all
>>spoolers and print direct to the port, it works on most printers
>>.. just echo "test blah blah" >/dev/lp0 or cat filename >/dev/lp0
>>(you probably have to be root to do this)
> I get this:
> bash: /dev/lp0: No such device
> also:
> bash: /dev/lp1: No such device
> bash: /dev/lp2: No such device
> bash: /dev/lp3: No such device
> This is a kernel I compiled myself.  I would like to recompile it
> if I knew what options to select.

This isn't a kernel issue.  For some reason you do not have the lp
devices in your /dev directory.  Do the following to create them. If you
compiled your kernel with parallel and pc hardware support you should be

cd /dev

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