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Re: lo on potato


I had the same problem. The solution was to add netmask to the route
command in /etc/init.d/network:
/sbin/route add -net netmask dev lo

Also netmask had to be added to my eth0 interface:
/sbin/route add -net 192.168.x.y netmask dev eth0

Maybe the new version of route is more picky regarding syntax?

However, correcting the eth0 entry resulted in TWO eth0-entries!! I don't
know where the other one is set up. Anybody has a clue??



Evan Moore writes:
 > i have potato running on two boxes, but the lo interface will not come up,
 > it complains about SIOCADDRT: invalid argument ?? The error is not showing
 > up in syslog. Any1 else have this prob?
 > thanks evan
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