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Re: Digital cameras and Linux

> On 12-Dec-99 Matthew Bloch wrote:
> > On Sun, 12 Dec 1999, Neil Booth wrote:
> >
> >> I'm considering buying a digital camera or videocam, but am concerned
> >> about being able to download the JPEG images to Linux.  Of course, the
> >> cameras come with a serial cable and software for downloading the
> >> images to Windows.
> It is worth considering a camera that can record the JPEG file directly
> to a floppy disk -- either natively (the Sony Mavica was probably the
> earliest to do it this way) or using a bit of clip-on kit which you
> buy separately (an increasing number of makes offer this option).
> Then you don't have to worry about using software, cables or any other
> nonsense: you just put the floppy into the computer (anybody's
> computer ... ) and copy the files. Also, provided you have enough
> battery resources, you can go out for a long day with a pocket-full
> of floppies and come home with hundreds of photos: you don't have to
> buy several expensive memory modules to achieve the same effect.

Good points, however it would only be fair to point out what I consider
a significant drawback to digital cameras that use floppies as the storage
medium--delay time between pictures. For those times where timing is
critical (i.e. baby smiles, etc) it's very frustrating to not be able to
take a
picture because the camera is still busy writing to the floppy disk.
Memory modules, while currently expensive, allow instantaneous recording
of high quality pictures and will only get cheaper as time goes on.

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