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Re: masquerading

adjust it to your needs:

#! /bin/sh
ifconfig lo
route add -net
ifconfig eth0 ${IPADDR} netmask ${NETMASK} broadcast ${BROADCAST}
route add -net ${NETWORK}
ipfwadm -F -p deny
ipfwadm -F -a m -S -D

On Fri, Dec 10, 1999 at 09:39:59PM +0100, igi technik wrote: 
> I'm newbie in Linux world so don't bite me...
> I need masqerade my internal eth network ( another one comp with W95) and made everything what I found in IP masqerading HOWTO (kernel 2.0.36 recompiled, ipfwadm configured) -- it dos'nt work... linux box is connected and working (this machine) and when pinging from internal machine ( to eth1 card on linux box ( or external host -- nothing :-( but on linux I see incomming packets from 
> what about routing table? added route add -net 192.168...etc
> where can i find some howto about this?
> igi
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