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Re: Trying for over a week to fix apt-get

Antonio Rodriguez wrote:
> I attach here what apt-get spits out to the screen. What should I do? A
> similar thing I get when I try to install kernel-source-2.2.13. Please
> help,
> Thanks,
> Antonio.

Please note I have no experience with apt, but I did
experience a similar problem when upgrading mozilla
recently with dselect / dpkg.

Regarding the gcc error message you get, it seems to be a
limitation in the apt program.  It also appears in dselect.

If you have two conflicting packages which provide the same
file, you need to remove the old and install the new.

Unfortunately, the install system is trying to install gcc
before removing egcc, and so you get the "trying to overwrite
file XXX supplied by package YYY" message.

If you manually remove the egcc package first, the gcc will
(probably) install fine, since the conflicting files are gone.

There may be a good reason why apt doesn't do this itself by
default.  The Debian packaging system is certainly complex,
and it's a huge task to cope with all the possible scenarios.
By and large, though, the Deb folks are doing a pretty decent

Good luck.


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