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Re: hard drive not found

Rick Dunnivan wrote:
> I have a Gateway PC with a PIII 450 and a 9GB western
> digital hard drive.  When I boot up with my Debian cd,
> my hard drive is not found.  I see in the install
> documentation that IDE-SCSI drives are not supported.
> How do I know if this is what I have? 

I think by seeing the BIOS messages you have during the booting up the
system would be helpful. If the disk is SCSI, usually there'll be a
"Press ctrl<A>" (well, all right, if this is SCSI and Adaptec). If the
disk is IDE, usually you have the size of the disk get spit out on the

If you are willing, just open up the case and count the "cable" that
attached into the disk (no, not the power cables which are colored). The
cable looks like a tape that consists of many small cables. If the small
ones are at least 50 of them, then the disk is SCSI.

> This is the
> first time I've attempted to install an operating
> system of any kind, so be gentle.

Am I gentle enough...?


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