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Re: locking the console

On 7/12/99 Rob Mahurin wrote:

Is there a program that will lock my text consoles for me if I'm idle
for a while?  Something like:

while !KeyboardInterrupt /* nobody's typing */
	sleep 5m /* OK, they're really gone forever */
	vlock --all

Or something.  xlock with the timer but without the X.

this would be nice, but it would have to run in the background unattached to the tty, I don't think vlock will work properly if its started that way..

just as a quick test i tried:

[eb@plato ~]$ vlock &

and i my console was instantly being spewed with Password: prompts over and over again, I had to switch to another console and kill it :( (hint: when playing with vlock don't use -a, unless you have a way in though the network, be prepared to press the reset button and fsck your filesystems to hell)

maybe if you ran a script in the foreground on another console you don't use but then it would probably see it as idle...

also what would it do if you were running a interactive program like say lftp?


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