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Re: XWindow werdeiness

I had a similar problem with font corruption/dissapearance. A quick trip to the SiS website (www.sis.com.tw) got me their version of XF86_SVGA which displays fonts beautifully but may not play well with the debian distro of xfree86 3.3.5 (see my previous mail"can't type in X")


>>> Tobias Rundström <tobi@funcform.se> 12/07/99 05:47AM >>>
> 	Hi all,
> 	I installed potato in a machine with SiS 6326 and configured X but there
> is some problem with fonts pehaps.
> 	See a screenshot of the problem at:
> http://onnet.psi.br/~baptista/test.gif.
> 	Thanks for any help,		Paulo Henrique

You can change the default colordepth to 24bits that will help awhile, but
then you get sloppy and slow window-mangement, I have this problem too.
Anyone a clue?

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