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Re: Mouse works: is there x ppp config utility under Debian?

On Mon, 6 Dec 1999, Andy Thomas wrote:

andyth >Now, is there a ppp configuration utility under x in Debian?  I can't find
andyth >anything other than pppconfig and with that can't figure out how to get
andyth >back to the dns configuration screen for any connection when using that.

I've found its best to run your own DNS and point /etc/resolv.conf to go
to it.  I discovered recently it sped up the start of netscape by quite a
bit, it seems after netscape loads it trys(endlessly) to connect to the
DNS you specify in resolv.conf and if it has trouble it just hangs, i had
it hanging for 10 minutes before i ran a strace on it and changed my
resolv.conf config and now it starts up in a snap.

you can also edit the PPP config in /etc/chatscripts and /etc/ppp

there are several X based dialers including xisp, kppp among others, not
sure if they are part of slink although i think xisp is. kppp would be
part of KDE.  its best to have a console ppp script that can be called
from outside X incase X breaks and you need net access. its also handy to
have the bootup scripts dial the net when its booting so by the time you
login to XDM/KDM/GDM/whatever your already logged on.


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