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Re: need help with gdb

> Is there some online reference for gdb?  I consulted a Linux programming book
> but it did not help.  I tried the command 'gdb licq core' but this got me
> nowhere; no 'core' file is created.  I have used gdb before but for some
> reason, I cannot get it to work.  Perhaps I have forgotten how to do this.

Try searching the web for more. 

BTW: How come that there is a gdb dir under /usr/doc/ but there is not one under /usr/share/doc/ ? What is the exact policy about /usr/doc/ and /usr/share/doc/ ?

[10:31:02 /tmp]$ ls -d /usr/doc/g*
/usr/doc/gawk           /usr/doc/gettext-base  /usr/doc/groff
/usr/doc/gcc            /usr/doc/glimpse       /usr/doc/gs
/usr/doc/gconv-modules  /usr/doc/gpm           /usr/doc/gsfonts
/usr/doc/gdb            /usr/doc/grep          /usr/doc/gv
/usr/doc/gettext        /usr/doc/grep-dctrl    /usr/doc/gzip
[10:31:07 /tmp]$ ls -d /usr/share/doc/g*
/usr/share/doc/gcc            /usr/share/doc/grep        /usr/share/doc/gs
/usr/share/doc/gconv-modules  /usr/share/doc/grep-dctrl  /usr/share/doc/gzip
/usr/share/doc/gpm            /usr/share/doc/groff
[10:31:21 /tmp]$

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