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Re: kpathsea/metafont/docbook and fonts

* Aaron Van Couwenberghe <avancouw@calpoly.edu> writes:

>   I was recently trying to render a pdf from docbook, but the farthest I got
> was TeX. Upon calling jadetex on jade's output, metafont dumped a bunch of
> complaints about missing files.

Well, I cannot answer your question exactly, but to get *good* PDF,
you shouldn't be using pk(=bitmap) fonts anyway, so Metafont
shouldn't happen to be called anywhere.

Some questions:

* How do you want to produce the PDF?
* Can you post the "header" (the preamble) of the resulting TeX file?
* What is the exact error message (plus the lines before it)?

Maybe it can't just be corrected with a package (or if it can, the
fix might not lead to the best PDF). In that case, the experts in
comp.text.tex can probably help you better.


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