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swap usage in 2.2.13

Hi, List,

I know I saw a discussion of this somewhere; maybe even here.

Why does 2.2.13 allocate so darn much swap?  I'd been gone for a
week, came home, unlocked xlock, and the silly thing swapped for
at least 30 seconds (it felt like a loooot longer, but I didn't
time it, so I'll try not to exaggerate) reading I-know-not-what
back into memory.  As I type, top(1) shows XF86_S3 using 5752K of
RSS, and *192M* (!!!) of swap usage.  (Okay, maybe
I-DO-know-what. ;)  Why why why?  Does XFree86 3.3.5 have a
memory leak, perhaps?  It certainly never did this before I
upgraded to potato (running XF86 3.3.3, back then).

Any help appreciated!

-- Larry

Larry Clapp / hm: larry@theclapp.org
Great Southern Oxymorons: Grits connoisseur

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