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Re: PDF wont work with Potato and Acrobat... Anyone?

On Fri, Dec 03, 1999 at 11:05:21PM +1000, Alan Eugene Davis was heard to state:
> Is anyone using TeX/LaTeX to produce PDF?  Can the PDF be understood
> by commonly available PDF readers?  I run TeXLive, up to date, so My
> Milage May VaryTM).  I cannot get anywhere.  I have waited for a
> library chance (I have noticed with Debian over the past four years
> (+) that if I wait long enough, some bugs disappear with a package
> update).  

I've had a lot of luck with dvipdfm. As another poster mentioned, it
used DVI files, but you can also use some tex tags, for example, to
colour the document or add bookmarks to all of your LaTeX section

The output looks much nicer (IMHO) than pslatex, and I have tried it on
server machines (both wintel and linux), with serveral versions of
acroread, without any problems.

dvipdmf is not in slink, but is in the potato teTeX packages



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