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Re: What hardware is good for Debian servers?

Enrico, I can give you some advise on the motherboard and such.  
If your talking bang for your buck, go with an A-bit BP-6.  With dual
celeron 366's (PPGA) overclocked to 550 MHZ.  You can find your cpu's 
on ebay or somewhere similar pre-tested and guaranteed overclockable.
Modem, I would go with a Us Robotics (which is now owned by 3com).

You should be able to find both CPU's pretest (this is key) and the 
appropriate heatsinks for a total price of around:    $168 or less, 
this price was one I received about a 5 weeks ago.  So figure around
$150 total.

The A-bit BP-6 you should be able to pick up for $132 or less.

I buy all my hardware from www.pricewatch.com, it is a listing of 
hardware dealers all over the country, I have yet to find cheaper
prices anywhere on the internet or at a computer show.

I along with a few of my friends run debian on these systems pretty 
similar to what you are looking to build.  

If you have any other questions, feel free to email me direct.


Enrico Zini wrote:
> Hello!
> I had many problems with Asus, and it was one of the brands people said to be
> good.  During my quest to solve many of these problems, I discovered that Asus
> is likely to have problems, or just glitches, that make you loose time where
> you shouldn't.
> Now, since there are many servers to build and configure awaiting for us, I
> would like to build some knowledge on what to look for and what to try to
> avoid.
> So, suppose I ask you to build a fast and reliable Debian server, something
> that does file serving with samba, dials internet on demand via diald, spools a
> couple of printers, serves faxes via Hylafax, processes e-mail from, to and
> within the intranet and performs backups of what's on it.
> What brand and type of motherboard, raid controller, CPU, modem and backup
> system would you use, to be able to install Debian on it without risking to go
> mad after some hardware flaw?
> What are good brands of motherboards? Asus? Intel? Soyo? Tyan? MSI? VIA?
> Others?  What are the ones to avoid like death?
> I'd also would like to find multiprocessor motherboards without expensive (and
> Debian unfriendly) Adaptec cards integrated on them, since high end servers are
> likely to mount a custom raid controller like the Mylex AcceleRAID and don't
> have a need for them.
> Is there some internet site where to look for this kind of informations?  I
> would like to avoid marketing hype and read about tests and real experiences,
> possibly taking Linux and Debian into account.
>                                 Read you soon! Enrico
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