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Re: How to create /dev/modem?


> Running Slink with 2.2.10 kernel. Am missing /dev/modem and can't figure
> out how MAKEDEV makes this (tried ./MAKEDEV modem, ./MAKEDEV /dev/modem,
> ./MAKEDEV generic and ./MAKEDEV serial). Anyone with some pointers? Thanks
> -- Hans

I don't think /dev/modem is a true device in the sense of /dev/ttyS0.
On my laptop /dev/modem is a symbolic link to the correct serial device,
which for me is /dev/ttyS2.  As root:

    ln -s /dev/ttyS2 /dev/modem

If you're wondering which ttyS* has a modem attached to it, try running
wvdial.  It does an excellent job of detecting modems (in my experience).

Hope this helps!

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