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Re: animated gifs w/squid

>>>>> "aphro" == aphro  <nate@firetrail.com> writes:

    aphro> I was wondering if anyone knew what i could do to make
    aphro> animated gifs work right with squid proxy/webcaching
    aphro> package.  I am using 2.1.2-1 ..animated gifs render once
    aphro> then stop.  only when i turn off using squid as my proxy
    aphro> does it re animate endlessly.(tried it on netscape/linux
    aphro> netscape/win opera/beos)

Squid shouldn't alter the data in any way.

However, I have heard similar problems before: "my web page
is different when I load it from my harddisk instead of via http".
I can't remember the exact details now.

Perhaps the web browser is buggy? Still, it seems strange.

If you find out why, please tell me ;-)
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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