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I had a working LILO until I moved a partition. I have changed
everything back again, but now I get LI  at bootup. I have reconfigured
LILO according to where it should be...hda3 which is also the
root(ext2)...How can I find out exactly which partition LILO is on and
also Linux. Is there a way to go back to my original LILO which worked.
I am hoping I don't have to re-install everything. For now, LILO just
can't boot. I am sure I need to change something. I tried to change
boot=hda3 to hda4
root=hda3 to hda4...this doesn't work. At startup for Linux kernel I get
the following for the hard disk:
hda1, hda2, <hda4, hda5>, hda3.

When I set up Debian, hda3 was root and Lilo, hda6 was swap. I have
eliminated one partition. Has hda3 become the swap partition, or is this
my d: . My set up for partitions is C:, Ext2, D:, Swap.
Thanks for the help in advance...Ray

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