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Re: ?

stake@go2.pl wrote:
> Sorry i know this is stupid but im looking for drivers to
> my network component (Nile VIA VT86C916)
> it was given to me for free & i cant find drivers
> (i have only the hardware)
> Can u help me ?
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It's (usually) much quicker searching the kernel documentation
(if installed) or failing that, a search engine.  Although, worryingly,
I couldn't find any references in the kernel.  Perhaps its a clone of
a more well-known chip set.

The search engine www.google.com lists 4 links - 1 broken link, 1
text regarding linux ethernet drivers, 1 in Japanese and one FTP
containing (presumably) the DOS driver.  The linux link contains a
link to a file 86c916.c - perhaps you could mail the author.

My advice would be to plug it in and see what happens.  If it's a PCI
card, the BIOS should report its vendor and device numbers.  If it's
ISA PnP, then I think pnpdump should give you similar info.

It would also be appreciated if your subject line was a bit more
verbose than "?" - it's a high volume list ;)

Good luck.


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