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Re: How to block access from specific sites.

*- On  2 Dec, Martin Fluch wrote about "Re: How to block access from specific sites."
> On Wed, 1 Dec 1999, Ethan Benson wrote:
>> ALL: *.microsoft.com
>> sshd: *.apple.com
>> in.ftpd:
>> are some examples, you should get a pretty decent man page with man 5 
>> hosts.deny if not then your man pages are broken :)
>> (btw I don't remember for sure if the * is needed or not it probably 
>> isn't but i don't think it matters)
> It's done without a '*' (AFAIK) ... Martin

No wildcard is needed according to 'man 5 hosts_access'.

       ·      A  string  that begins with a `.´ character. A host
              name is matched if the last components of its  name
              match the specified pattern.  For example, the pat­
              tern    `.tue.nl´    matches    the    host    name

       ·      A  string  that  ends  with a `.´ character. A host
              address is matched  if  its  first  numeric  fields
              match  the  given string.  For example, the pattern
              `131.155.´ matches the address  of  (almost)  every
              host    on   the   Eindhoven   University   network

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