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Re: How to block access from specific sites.

Hi Raphael

Have u ever tried ipchains? This is a good tool for doing this, and a great
resort for making firewalls.

For example, u wanna block some packages that come from the network
192.160.50.*. So u must edit your /etc/init.d/network file, including this

ipchains -A forward -s -d "your network" -i eth0 -j DENY


Eber Diniz

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From: Raphael Clancy <rclancy@salud.unm.edu>
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Subject: How to block access from specific sites.

> Is there a quick way (on a debian 2.0 system) to block specific adresses
from making inetd style connections (ie. ftp, telnet etc?) my instincts tell
me that is has to do with the /etc/hosts.deny file. unfortunately I can't
find any info on it in the man pages, of course, some of mine may be missing
(gotta love getting other people's boxes).
> Thanks
> R.
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