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Re: staroffice , potato , unrecoverable error

Thanx but im aware of that, i ran setup for root and normal user so i
can run it as either if need be.

Anyway it used to work but somewhere along the line with upgrades it
broke :(. So i downloaded the latest SO from sun etc...... :(


PS i still dont have an answer :does anyone have it running on potato ?.

PS.PS yes... yes... i know its unstable but it has the files i would
otherwise have to keep up with manually, anyway i still prefer potato to
windows by a long shot >;0)

Aigars Mahinovs wrote:

> On Sun, 28 Nov 1999 07:29:37 +0000 John Leget wrote:
> >Installed using setup /net as root.
> RTFM of staroffice!
> If you install staroffice using "setup /net" then you MUST
> login as normal user and install using "setup" it from the
> dir you installed it as root to a subdir of your home dir .
> The "setup /net" install is supposed to be as a host for
> network installations.
> It means you can install it using "setup /net" to a server on
> the local network and then users will be able to install and use
> staroffice trought net while it whould take only 3-4 Mb on their
> own PCs.
> If you are not installing it on the server -- you should
> better install it with simple "setup" !
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