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Re: ipfwadm

Further to the below problem. If i try to flush the ipautofw table, I get..
ipautofw -F
setsockopt: Protocol not available

Does this mean i dont have the necessary kernel support to forward

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From: Richard Clarke <clarker8@cs.man.ac.uk>
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Sent: Thursday, November 25, 1999 8:02 PM
Subject: ipfwadm

> Hi. I have a linux box connected to internet thru ethernet..and my winbox
> connected thru that to internet using ipmasq. Now ive been trying to run a
> quake2 server..or any games server for that matter, not the point, on the
> winbox and letting ppl externally connect to it. linuxbox has ip
> internal eth card, and winbox has
> I set up ipfwadm -F with these options.. hopefully to forward connection
> port 27910 to my winbox.
> ipfwadm -F -a accept -b -P tcp -S 0/0 1024:65535 -D 27910
> ipfwadm -F -a accept -b -P udp -S 0/0 1024:65535 -D 27910
> So q2,uses tcp and udp..it should accept all conections from *.*.*.* with
> most ports and forward to port 27910.
> Except it doesnt work.
> Could someone please let me know what obvious error I might have made.
> Thanx
> Richard Clarke
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