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Re: char-module-5

I think I have support compiled in; using make xconfig, under Character Devices,
I selected support for console on virtual terminal, and didn't select support
for console on serial port. la -la shows /dev/console. I did modprobe -c and it
showed "alias char-major-5 serial".

I do get console messages on the x-console window. Does the "alias char-major-5
serial" from modprobe mean that the messages are (also) being set to a serial
port (like /dev/tty0)?

I also noticed  can't find char-major-108, but modprobe doesn't list a

Strange thing is that I get xconsole messages (including the above) and ppp
works fine.

Thanks again.

Michael Heyes

Martin Fluch <fluch@rock.helsinki.fi> on 11/23/99 09:11:28 AM

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Subject:  Re: char-module-5


On Tue, 23 Nov 1999 mheyes@lincolnfp.com wrote:

> Mr. Potato keeps sending me a console message telling me it can't find
> module char-major-5, but I don't have any modules compiled with my
> kernel, and I can't find any docs telling me anything about this. Can
> anybody clue me in about what this is and how to correct this?

/usr/src/linux/Documentation/devices.txt gives the answer (here from the
kernel 2.2.13 source tree):

  5 char        Alternate TTY devices
                  0 = /dev/tty          Current TTY device
                  1 = /dev/console      System console
                  2 = /dev/ptmx         PTY master multiplex
                 64 = /dev/cua0         Callout device corresponding to ttyS0
                127 = /dev/cua63        Callout device corresponding to ttyS63

                (5,1) is /dev/console starting with Linux 2.1.71.  See
                the section on terminal devices for more information
                on /dev/console.

It seem, that your kernel has no support compiled in for these devices...


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