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Re: deleting files

On Tue, Nov 23, 1999 at 10:36:55AM +0000, Martyn Pearce wrote:
> Lindsay Allen writes:
> | > rm -rf *
> | 
> | That's something I *never* do.  Why?  Because it puts "rm -rf *" in my
> | history buffer which means that one slip can lead to disaster.  So I
> | use rm -rf /here/there/some/place/* which at least means I cannot blow
> | away my whole file system if I make an error.
> If that's a big concern for you, under bash, you could precede the
> command with a space, which prevents history insertion.

Note that for this to work you have to

typeset HISTCONTROL=(ignorespace|ignoreboth)

see also bash(1)

Peter Palfrader
Yes means No and No means Yes. Delete all files [Y]?

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